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DuAEF_no_bin.jsxinc include problems

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:38 pm
by Oktopoid
Hi, I tryed to include DuAEF_full.jsxinc but it throws an error at line 10835 "incomplete string". So I decide to use DuAEF_no_bin.jsxinc. It works but the problem is when I try to make some includes after. I I try to include a script with a wrapper function:

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//Code here...
But this throws an error at the end of the file DuAEF_full.jsxinc :"Function was found when number is required". I've tryed diferent things:

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#include "DuAEF_full.jsxinc"
#include "no_wrapped_script.jsxinc"
#include "wrapped_script.jsxinc"
With this statements the error appears on "no_wrapped_script.jsxinc", that is called afte DuAEF I tryed it on vscode and Extendscript toolkit, and behave the same way. Any idea of what is happening?