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Re: Arm not swinging in automatic walk cycle

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:59 am
by Admore
It’s not working for me either. One arms swings like it should, the other just moves along with the body. One leg walks like it should, the other moves as well, but the foot stays nailed to the floor. What I checked:
• character faces left
• tried turning IK on and off on both arms and legs
• checked if one arm is left and the other right, same with legs
• checked if everything is parented properly

Then, I checked the Expressions in C | Hand > fx IK | Hand > Individual Controls
And it turns out that in one Hand, there were expressions, and in the other, there were not.
For the legs, there were expressions in C | Foot 2 > Effects > Transform > Position, and in the other Foot, there were not.
I copypasted the expressions from one Hand to the other, and from one Foot to the other, and now it works ^_^