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Updated Location of "PresetEffects.XML"

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Updated Location of "PresetEffects.XML"

Post by RyhGuy » Fri Dec 11, 2020 4:11 pm

When pressed to make Duik updates with code, one may need to locate the 'PresetEffects.XML' to correctly run Duik. For some users of older AE versions (pre-2020), you would find the .xml here:

Applications/Adobe After Effects/Adobe After right click and select 'Show Package Contents', go to Contents/Resources/PresetEffects.xml -- and edit the document there.

However, for users of AE 2020+, there's been a location change to that .xml file, here:

Important! You will still need to make a copy of the "PresetEffects.XML" in the original location, Contents/Resources/PresetEffects.xml. Duik is looking for the Pseudo Effect code there. I simply copied/pasted the .xml into the other location and left the .xml intact at the new location as well.

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