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Continuous rasterize Rig (Bones

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Continuous rasterize Rig (Bones

Post by GarethGough » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:49 pm


Absolutely loving Duik Bassel!

My issue is that i've created a rig using AI files and I need to continuously rasterize the art work.

Iv'e managed to get all of the artwork to rasterize by extracting controllers into a pre-comp. Although now any artwork that has a bone/mesh applied has unlinked from the bones. The bones are still connected to the rig.

I've looked through the forum and found that someone had a similar problem. I've followed their fix which to me sounds perfect. Though when I get to step 2 creating new pins, I cannot create new pins on the artwork?

There solution was as follows -

1, Delete the puppet pin effect on the leg or arm layer you've modified.

2, Create new pins on the arm.

3, Create new bones for the new pins.

4, delete the 'new' bones layers you just created.

5, Use the selection control generated on the effect panel of the arm layer to select the 'old' bones created previously.

If you have any advice it would be greatly received! Thank you!