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AE crashes when using auto rig

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AE crashes when using auto rig

Post by Jeff » Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:48 pm

I'm new to this forum, just started using of duik bassel (16), having previously using version 15 fine.
Thanks very much for this plugin......

However, I'm running into an error which keeps crashing AE - trying to create puppet pins, then adding bones, then using auto rig IK to create the controller.
It keeps crashing when AE when selecting 3 or more layers. I can select 2 layers fine and the auto rig works.
I've read others have come across this problem also but haven't read if anyone ahs found a solution yet.
I'm using AE CS6.........not really an option at the moment to upgrade, but I'd like to find out if anyone has found a solution when running into this problem.

Thanks in advance
Jeff :)