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Rigging character with foot perspecctive change / twist

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:37 pm
by kartonbalon
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Hello !

I have one puzzle with rigging a character which I cant seem to solve.

I would like to rig left facing character ( skater ) whose both feet face one direction. Also as in regular walk cycle his legs bend in the same, one direction

Yet, since it is a skater, I would like to use a chance of animating the benind legs direction, so that when he does a trick, his legs bend in opposite direction, just like when you look at the skater from the front angle

To achieve this, I figured I could have two feet precomposed in one feet precomp and using a slider I could change the direction of the feet, along with keyframing the direction of the knee bent.

To be able to do that I was planning to puppet tool the feet, so that it allows me having two different feet in a precomp - I figured that having feet on separate layers, so using the jointing technique( toe, tiptoe on separate layers) would not allow this slider procedure.

And here I arrive at the problem - when puppet tooling feet, even though I have nice foot controls and there is not big distortion with that, there seem to be a odd behavior when I move the body controler so that the feet are staying stuck to the ground causing terrible distortion. It is mitigated of course because normally you also animate the feet controlers along with the body controler. Yet even still, the distorion is visible and I was wondering if there could be done sth about it or is it just a way of puppet tooling the feet?

I realized that when feet are rigged with jointing ( separate layers ) they are also affected by the change of the body positions, yet they are not that drastically stretched - they are also starting to point in down direction

I hope my lengthy question makes sense overall, I could really use some help on this as I ran out of ideas how to effectively deal with that..

Thanks a bunch !!

Re: Rigging character with foot perspecctive change / twist

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 9:16 am
by Duduf

That's just how IK work; they are not meant to be pulled like that and you have to animate the feet too ;)