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No zero button and more questions

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No zero button and more questions

Post by EosFoxx » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:41 pm

I am using DUik since 2 days
so of course I am doing many tutorials.
And they tell you to zero out the bones/ctrl
but there is never a button for me to see

what kind of things do I need to do to have that button?
I tried selecting different bones or ctrl or layers it's never there

OKAY - I found it. (searched for zero button instead of expert mode... that was a way to go) but I will leave this here because I am probably not the only one.
Duik Bassel has three user interface modes, and the default one, the Rookie mode does not include the most advanced tools; it is designed to be easy-to-use but powerful enough to rig and animate any kind of characters. If you’re a beginner with Duik, you should not need the most advanced tools.

go to settings and change it there

and my second question.
will there be an option where you can mesh weight - like the skinning in dragon bones
that would be extremly cool and helpfull


Re: No zero button and more questions

Post by ajf311 » Tue Dec 10, 2019 9:45 pm

Thanks! I've been looking for this.

I was following the School of Motion character rigging tutorial and couldn't find out where the 'Add zero' button was because the he never mentioned you need to go into settings and switch from 'Rookie' to 'Expert' mode to see all the buttons being used throughout the tutorial.