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Where does "IK_zero [[Layer Name]]" apply to versions 16 and onward?

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:21 am
by bgiulini
Hi! I'm somewhat new to DUIK tools, and my first experience using it was 16.0.11. Naturally, it's been tricky to follow tutorials that use the old layout and such. My question comes from a tutorial that has to do with emulating foreshortening. Using body parts across different layers, he creates a number of points based on the Puppet Pin tool, and then parents the position of the Wrist Pin to a Slider within the Controller layer. (Skip to 9:44)

A specific part of expression has been giving me an error, and that's where he calls upon "IK_zero Elbow_Pin." He mentions it's something DUIK creates as opposed to the actual layer, but the code is wildly different in my version and writing it verbatim gives me a "missing or does not exist" error. Since I couldn't find a lot of mention of this IK_zero thing anywhere, I was hoping someone could explain/clarify its role, and how it might apply differently to DUIK 16. The expression by default is:

var ctrl = null;
var result = value;
try { ctrl = effect("IK")(1); } catch (e){ value };
if (ctrl != null)
result = ctrl.effect("IK | Wrist_Pin")(36).value;

And what I'm trying to achieve is some equivalent of:

FS = thisComp.layer("C | Wrist_Pin").effect("FS")("Slider");
posX = thisComp.layer("IK_zero Elbow_Pin").transform.position[0];
posY = thisComp.layer("IK_zero Elbow_Pin").transform.position[1] + FS;
[posX, pozY];