Slider not working after Extracting

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Slider not working after Extracting

Post by Alber » Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:14 am

Hi there!

I have a lil issue with the controllers of the eyes of my puppet: I have made two independent controllers in two different subcomps for the eyelids of my puppet (right and left). They work pretty well in each subcomp, so do the ones I've created for the pupils. When I extract the controllers to the upper comp, the controllers for the pupils still work perfectly independently from each other, BUT... the sliders for the eyelids don't work properly.

I extract one first and it works. When I extract the second though, this doesn't work at all and... the first slider starts closing both eyelids (left and right). The first adopts somehow the function of both sliders closing both eyes simultaneously (which I don't really want, since my puppet should winck)

Any idea of what is happening there?

(Note: The names of the layers are all different from each other)

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Re: Slider not working after Extracting

Post by Duduf » Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:24 pm

Hum that looks like an issue with the individual ids of the controllers.

Are you extracting with master props or expressions?
Which version of Duik is it?

You can try to import all these comps to a new project and extract again, it may fix the issue, not sure

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