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[SOLVED] AE crashes when switching to a workspace with DUIK

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[SOLVED] AE crashes when switching to a workspace with DUIK

Post by dkober » Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:39 pm

Hello! So I ran into this issue. Starting yesterday AE CC2020 would crash whenever I would switch to my custom user workspace profile with all my plugins loaded. One by one I singled out each plugin in the workspace to see if any of them was causing the crash and Duik seemed to be the culprit. This happened when I was on Duik 16.2.2, so I figured updating would fix the issue. Unfortunately updating to 16.2.3 didn't fix the issue.

I also plan to reach out to Adobe about this, but I just wanted to note this on the forum in case anyone else was having this issue, I've been noticing significantly slower load times opening Duik ever since the release of 16.2.


EDIT: The issue seems to have fixed itself! This morning I deleted duik from my AE "Script UI Panels" as well as deleting old duik files in my documents and in Library>Application Support. After reinstalling duik bassel 16.2.3 the workspace crash is no longer an issue! Maybe all my computer needed was a restart to fix this issue, just thought I'd share!